Pierre Films is a creative writing and filmmaking enterprise, led by visionary writer/director Patrick Pierre. Originally from Haiti, when Patrick embarked on the American dream, his vision was solely focused on telling stories. The dream evolved into telling stories through film and in 2007 his success was finally on display for the world to see when “The City is Mine” was accepted into the American Black Film Festival and nominated for three awards.

The film was immediately picked up and distributed through Netflix, Redbox, Amazon, Blockbuster, and a number of other retailers. Patrick’s next feature film, “Visions of Yvette” was a socially conscious film widely praised by advocates against domestic violence.

Recently, Patrick has released his most intriguing film yet, “Sucka 4 Luv” which combines his love for storytelling and his playful comedic senses. “Sucka 4 Luv” is the winner of Best Feature Film at the Urban Suburban Film Festival and is currently available digitally everywhere movies are sold. Currently Patrick is working on developing several high-concept screenplays to bring his talent to the next level.